Autism vs Aliens

Issue #1

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Welcome to FreeKing Comics, home of the sci-fi comic book series, Autism vs Aliens! Our first issue of Autism vs Aliens is available now, and you can buy your copy by clicking here!

What is Autism vs Aliens? Autism vs Aliens is a science fiction series written for teens and young adults who are on the autism spectrum. However, anybody who is looking for new science fiction comics will find fun and adventure in this innovative series.

Autistic comic book heroes are rare. This is why Daniel Wolther and Jaime A. Heidel (both on the spectrum) created this series.


In the coming years, Dan and Jaime hope to spread awareness about autism and its unique characteristics in these autism comic books.

For Autism vs Aliens art, click on the 'Art' button above. For more about the creators, click on the 'About' button above. 'Videos' will take you to some cool science fiction speed drawings of our characters. In the 'Books' section, you can purchase your own copy of Autism vs Aliens and check out the cover art for our upcoming issue!

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