Meet the Founders

Daniel Wolther - Creator & Artist






Hi. I'm Dan. I am the creator of Autism vs Aliens. I was born to two loving parents who both encouraged me greatly throughout the production process.

I've always wanted to be a writer. Before I was even in elementary school, I was producing books with the help of my parents. I drew the pictures and dictated the words.

I was around 12 years old when I first conceptualized the main idea of Autism vs Aliens. Being autistic myself, I jumped on the opportunity to write it. It was a crazy ride getting to where I am now. But none-the-less, I'm here.

Now, at 20 years old, I'm incredibly happy to present our work to the world. 

- Daniel Wolther

Jaime A. Heidel - Co-Writer & Consultant









Hi. I'm Jaime, and I'm a co-writer and consultant on Autism vs Aliens. I've been working with Dan on this amazing project for two years now, and I've loved helping bring his vision to life. 

I am also on the autism spectrum, and it helps that Dan and I, though 20 years apart in age, speak each other's language. 

When I'm not writing, helping Dan with creating graphics, searching for cool images and videos to play around with, making videos (and reminding Dan to focus), I'm working on my own writing, which takes place primarily on my Facebook page, Jaime A. Heidel - The Articulate Autistic

In my spare time, I like to read, watch movies, go hiking, color, play games, and hang out with friends. 

- Jaime A. Heidel